About Us

Our History

The Network grew out of a roundtable held by Shiva Foundation and the Thomson Reuters Foundation in November 2016 when international hotel brands, independent hotel owners, and management companies came together to discuss the challenges the hotel sector faces in eradicating various forms of exploitation at all levels of industry.

Due to the complex structure of the sector, we knew it would make addressing modern slavery that much more difficult. This was one of the primary motivators for the Network. A hotel might be under one brand, owned by another organisation and managed by another altogether. With multiple entities involved at each level, one of the essential roles of the Network is to facilitate constructive dialogue between these different groups . By bringing key stakeholders within the industry together, the Network sought to address accountability and foster communication so that anti-slavery initiatives are realistic and feasible for all involved.

“In order to tackle this issue we need to collaborate and we need to facilitate communication between all these complex layers. As a result of the roundtable we established the first ever industry-wide network that brings together corporate and operational levels to tackle this horrific crime”
Meenal Sachdev, Shiva Foundation Director

Meenal Sachdev – Shiva Foundation, Caroline Meledo – Hilton Global and Klara Skrivankova – Anti Slavery International launch the Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network at the Trust Women Conference 2016

Our Goals

The Network’s primary goal in 2017 is to look at the challenges stakeholders face in realising a vision of a slavery-free industry, and to address them as a collective.

The aims of the Network for its first year are to: